What We Do

Our small tuition groups are made up of individuals who want to achieve by taking part in a structured and fun learning environment. It has been proven that students working together for the same goal have increased energy and academic success.

"I managed to get a 6 in GCSE English Language and a 5 in English Literature! I just have to say thank you because I don’t think I could have done it without your help."

EN, student, Wiggington,York

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Sessions are an hour long and consist of group work, individual work and tutor-led activities. Tutors will design the sessions according to the needs of the members in each group to help them achieve their full potential. 

Learning materials in each session range from videos, past papers, collaborative tasks, model answer responses, learning games and other activities to ensure that the hour feels focussed and fun with excellent week-on-week improvements to skills.


"I am just so happy about my A*! ... It's really nice to have someone who believes in me and inspired me to push that little bit further and to reach for what I thought was unreachable." 

Lauren, Journalist, from York, now Dubai 

Step 4:  Close to mock and final exam points, Firefly will deliver additional full day revision sessions to help learners to consolidate their learning and ensure that any remaining gap areas are bridged.  We will review key exam techniques and remind students of methods to help them do their very best.

Step 5:  In the run up to the final examinations, Firefly tutors will be readily available to answer any remaining questions, be on hand to help calm nerves and support students with additional resources as needed.

Step 6:  On or after GCSE Results Day, Firefly tutors will be fully available to discuss grades and boundaries in more detail and advise if desired.

How Firefly

Tuition Works

Step 1:  Once booked into a tutoring session, your Firefly tutor will conduct a brief assessment with the student to gather some starting point information. We also offer an enhanced assessment to provide extra clarity on skills if desired.

Step 2:  Within each hourly session, the tutor will deliver material to move each student incrementally toward mock exam points and full practice papers leading to the final exams. Short but meaningful homeworks will be set each week to reinforce key skills and will be kept in a learning folder.

Step 3:  Parents will receive opportunities to check in with the tutor for more detailed feedback and also are always free and encouraged to communicate key messages and information from school so that we can work collaboratively to support students’ everyday learning.