English Language and Literature were not my strongest subjects in school, however when it came to my GCSE years I found more confidence within myself when I was being taught by Miss. We were able to have a laugh along the way which helped me as I’m much more comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. I was able to become more creative in how I thought, using the appropriate grammar and expanding my vocabulary. This helped me achieve one grade above the grade that was expected of me, which I thought would never happen!

Ryan, Stone Fabricator, York

“If it wasn’t for you I would never have passed GCSE English in a million years. I’d also say that each session we had was different and exciting (plus you get sweets so I’m not complaining)!  I’d just like to say thank you for tutoring me it really did help in the end and like I said, without it, I would’ve been re-sitting it”.

Lucas, student, Acomb, York

"I was fortunate enough to have Beth teach me from the end of Key Stage 3 until AS level for English Language and specialising in Literature at A level. I absolutely loved her lessons; I was always able to engage fully, with left over enthusiasm to do more research into my learning. This method of teaching was fun and easy to follow I was highly satisfied with my results!"

Becky, Business Owner, Stamford Bridge, York

English Language and Literature were not my strongest subjects, however when it came to GCSEs I found more confidence when I was being taught by Miss. We were able to have a laugh along the way which helped me as I’m much more comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. This helped me achieve one grade above the grade that was expected of me, which I thought would never happen!

Ryan, Stone Fabricator, York

“Being taught by Beth really helped to increase my confidence in both GCSE English Language and Literature. Our lessons were always fun and engaging, as well as informative. I was able to achieve an A and A* at GCSE, which helped me to move onto further education”.
Paige, Mental Health Practitioner, York

“The passion and enthusiasm Beth has for teaching English is the reason I got top grades. She pushed me to the best I can be by using a variety of methods and always encouraging me. She went above and beyond and I am very grateful!”

Katie, High Commissioner of Canada, from York – now London

Beth helped me to find my passion within English Language and helped me build the skills and knowledge towards my career today.

Sam, Facilities Assistant, York

“Beth's teaching was the first point in my academic life where I was encouraged to question, and that has stayed with me since. I view that as a gift that is integral to modern life! And, Beth's teaching gave me A*'s in GCSE English Language and English Literature. Thank you!”

Colin, Masters Student, York now studying in Sheffield

“Beth helped me achieve an A* for English Literature at GCSE level. She was a breath of fresh air in the school and an incredibly inspiring teacher who made reading and writing interesting and fun; she challenged me to think differently and push for a higher level. She is a kind, thoughtful and sensitive teacher who thinks carefully about the needs and strengths of individuals. She’s a teacher you remember forever as a positive influence on your future”.

Clare, Primary School Teacher, York

“I would highly recommend Beth for private tutoring. In addition to being a remarkable academic, she is kind, patient and adaptable with the natural ability to inspire a curious mind and a love of learning. Not only did she help me achieve an A* in GCSE English Language, she was one of the very few teachers in my life who helped me to develop emotionally and socially into adulthood”.

Hana, Marketing Executive, from York, now London

Beth is the kind of teacher that leaves a lasting impression on her students all the way through to their adult life. Not only a dedicated expert in her subject and profession, she is kind, patient and brings an infectious enthusiasm to the study topic. To those who seek it, Beth will be your mentor, build your confidence and help you reach and exceed your targets. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Jess, HR Recruitment and Development Advisor, from York, now London

“Beth taught me GCSE English and helped me achieve an A and a B. I honestly think if I had have had a different teacher I wouldn’t have done as well as I did, and English ended up being my strongest subject. Beth was always there to help with any questions & helped the whole class wherever possible! I would highly recommend”.

Georgia, Commercial Account Handler, York

“I can never do justice to what an incredible teacher and mentor Beth was to me. She taught me English for my first two years at secondary school, helping to instil in me a love of literature and language. Later, I was lucky enough to have her both as my teacher for A Level English literature, and as my Sixth Form personal tutor. It was a time when I was struggling under the weight of academic pressure, and felt as if I couldn’t achieve my predicted A grade. But Beth had absolute faith in my abilities. She encouraged me to be my best, but also reminded me that learning should itself be just as rewarding as getting good grades. She taught me the difference between pushing and punishing yourself - she pushed, but never punished. Not only did she help me get that A, she gave me such a solid foundation in essay writing and literary analysis, that I when I arrived at university to study English literature, I was fully prepared to make the transition from A Level to Bachelors - it truly saved me so much anxiety. Beth helped to set me on a trajectory that has carried me all the way my current job working for a newspaper, where I get to put my English skills to good use every day. Thank you so much for everything, Beth!”

Charlotte, Sub-editor, from York – now Hong Kong

“Beth’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for her subject makes her a great teacher. She is patient and instils a confidence in you that you have the ability to achieve the best grades. I was thrilled with my A Level English Literature result!”

Emily, Masters Law Student, York